Adobe Lightroom: A Photographer’s Best Friend

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As a passionate photographer, I’ve always believed that post-processing is just as important as capturing the perfect shot. Adobe Lightroom has been my go-to tool for years, and it continues to impress me with its unparalleled features and user-friendly interface. … Continued

Marshmallow Treats with a Spooky Twist

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Though our family doesn’t typically celebrate Halloween, I couldn’t resist making some treats to mark this season. When I received some Ghostbusters Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows from Cybercandy I decided to turn them into creepy marshmallows for Halloween fun! Marshmallows … Continued

Halloween Pumpkins with Creative Craftsmanship

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As Halloween quickly approaches, I wanted to find an innovative use for our pile of toilet rolls in the recycling drawer. A Halloween pumpkin? Yes! Using toilet rolls could actually work! My 3-year-old created simple toilet roll pumpkins by painting … Continued

Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating Without Carving

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As much as I love Halloween, pumpkin carving isn’t something that excites me. So this year we did things differently: we purchased our pumpkin from Waitrose along with some cute munchkins (mini pumpkins) to make an attractive display in our … Continued

Spider-Themed Halloween Teacake Treats

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I have long been anticipating Halloween. We recently went on a shopping spree dedicated to Halloween-related items, and I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm when crafting Halloween-related projects with the children. Today I’m joining some other bloggers in a Halloween Blog … Continued

Simple Recipe for Halloween Bark

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Are You Prettily Entertaining Your Kids over Half Term? Luckily, the weather hasn’t been too bad considering this time of year so we have managed to venture outside quite often and enjoy getting active. At home it has been lovely … Continued

Monday Joyful Moments – Week 111

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As someone who appreciates the changing seasons, I feel we experienced two exceptional events this past week – starting with Halloween and ending with Bonfire Night. My kids get really excited for Halloween. They were excited to decorate the house … Continued