Monday Joyful Moments – Week 111

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As someone who appreciates the changing seasons, I feel we experienced two exceptional events this past week – starting with Halloween and ending with Bonfire Night.

My kids get really excited for Halloween. They were excited to decorate the house and get dressed up, visit our lovely neighbors, and even receive visitors themselves. Probably one of the only households still with their pumpkins out, we had four which needed disposing of.

Ending our week right was to attend two Firework displays: one local and another near my mum’s. Both events took place under beautiful skies with perfect temperatures – great weather to explore in. At one, there was also a spectacular bonfire which the kids never got the chance to experience before and it was truly special for everyone involved!

Blog-wise I’ve been extremely active lately! From working with BEAR Claws and reviewing an amazing Hot Wheels set to reading Christmas pictures books with Oxford Children’s Books (check my post out if you want a chance at winning one for your children!), and being crafty (making our own Christmas poo from The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas as inspiration to craft), making our own Christmas trees out of recycled objects like paper cups has been one of my favourite projects of all time!

Gingerbread-lovers everywhere were indulging this week! We created some incredible gingerbread body scrub that we will give away as gifts at Christmas, while there were even gingerbread house biscuits!

Today I can finally reveal my latest cheeky papercut creation! After working through Cut It Out! book, I was inspired to craft an eye-catching picture for my sister’s birthday present; just in time! Since yesterday was her special day, here’s an image to commemorate it!

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