Halloween Pumpkins with Creative Craftsmanship

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As Halloween quickly approaches, I wanted to find an innovative use for our pile of toilet rolls in the recycling drawer. A Halloween pumpkin? Yes! Using toilet rolls could actually work!

My 3-year-old created simple toilet roll pumpkins by painting two toilet rolls orange with paint.

After we set them aside to dry, I cut out leaves from colored paper. We used our beloved Ralph the Dog from Scotch 3M as a Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Dog to stick leaves onto tubes without the worry of him using scissors – it’s also pretty adorable.

Once the paint was dry, I used a permanent marker to add details with permanent marker while my daughter added googly eyes purchased at Hobbycraft (our previous googly eyes required glueing and often fell off!). She loves her pumpkins – although I can’t help thinking they resemble carrots instead!

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