Ideas for Pumpkin Decorating Without Carving

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As much as I love Halloween, pumpkin carving isn’t something that excites me. So this year we did things differently: we purchased our pumpkin from Waitrose along with some cute munchkins (mini pumpkins) to make an attractive display in our dining room table. My toddler has been insistent on carving the pumpkin herself so instead I took out my washi tape collection instead!

Making Your No-Carve Pumpkin Extra Special Instead of carving pumpkins this Halloween, why not consider creating one using washi tape? There will be no mess and you can change its expression as often as desired!

3M generously gifted us nine different Scotch Expressions Washi Tapes that could be chosen from. While these tapes may initially be repositionable, they still adhere securely to multiple surfaces.

We were able to experiment and position it anywhere we liked on the pumpkin’s surface without worry – though washi tape may not usually be found here!). It even stuck really securely.

Washi tape was perfect for creating the mouth and adding stickers for eyes – however googly eyes would also work just as well!

Have you tried decorating pumpkins with washi tape before?

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