Simple Carcassonne Biscuits

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As a family, we enjoy playing board games together. From reviewing new board game releases, to playing them on our phones when we are apart. Yes, we love board games! And always on the lookout for board game cafes too. Carcassonne is one of our favourite tile playing games so to spice things up even further we created easy Carcassonne biscuits so we could enjoy while playing!

Easy Carcassonne Biscuits
I used a simple biscuit recipe from BBC Good Food’s Simple Iced Biscuits page for making these biscuits, with great success. Once we had our dough ready we prepared our worktop with parchment paper for rolling it out as well as our rolling pin and custom Carcassonne Meeple Cookie Cutter which my husband made on his 3D printer.

There was enough dough available for meeple biscuits.

Bake in an oven at 400 F for 10 minutes until they were beautifully golden-brown before placing them on a wire rack to cool.

Carcassonne players each have their favorite colour preference; we decided to recreate these in biscuit form using ready-made red, yellow, blue, and black icing from readymade packs and using our cookie cutter to cut out meeples from them.

Use a small amount of icing as glue.

My daughter found great delight in cutting out meeples for snacking while we enjoyed playing Carcassonne together.

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