Marshmallow Treats with a Spooky Twist

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Though our family doesn’t typically celebrate Halloween, I couldn’t resist making some treats to mark this season. When I received some Ghostbusters Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows from Cybercandy I decided to turn them into creepy marshmallows for Halloween fun!

Marshmallows were tightly packed into my box, so I removed them to let them breathe and rediscover their shape. Next I selected those with evenly-sized shapes (size-ist!). Finally I began decorating them using an edible marker pen.

What do you think of my spooky Halloween marshmallows? A quick craft for kids of all ages!

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows can be purchased for PS7.50 for five ounces of quality sugary puff. First seen in 1984’s Ghostbusters movie, Mister Stay Puft first made an appearance here as Mister Stay Puft while Destroyer of Worlds can also be seen here! This box features both characters – Mister Stay Puft on one side and Destroyer of Worlds on the other!

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