Gingerbread Cheesecake Made from a Repurposed Gingerbread House

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Every year we attempt to build a gingerbread house together. Living in London makes it very accessible for me to get gingerbread kits; I found mine at Ikea and Flying Tiger (formerly Tiger). Gingerbread houses may traditionally be associated with Christmas celebrations but their enjoyment shouldn’t just be limited to December celebrations alone – we decorated Valentine’s and Halloween versions over time too!

December was unusually busy for our household, so I never got around to using the gingerbread kit I purchased from Flying Tiger. Since we all adore cheesecake, I decided to experiment by using it as the biscuit base of a cheesecake instead!

Gingerbread Cheesecake Made Using Flying Tiger Ginger Bread House
I unwrapped the gingerbread house kit, and was delighted to find it was full of pieces I could use in crafting my cheesecake.

After placing them into a food bag and bashing with a rolling pin until I achieved a fine powder form of biscuit crumbs, I added 40g of unsalted butter melted to half of them for further experimentation.

I found this cheesecake base so simple and smelled amazing! I divided the mixture evenly among three beautiful Orla Kiely bowls, gently pressing down with the back of a small spoon for best results.

After this step was complete, it was time to make the cheesecake top. Following my Cath Kidston Teatime book recipe (thought I blogged about it), this cheesecake contains 200g cream cheese, 200ml double cream, 40g icing sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla extract – giving a wonderfully decadent cheesecake which you can top off with mini gingerbread men or leave as is for an unforgettable taste! Perfect way to use up leftover gingerbread house kits!

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