Simple Recipe for Halloween Bark

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Are You Prettily Entertaining Your Kids over Half Term? Luckily, the weather hasn’t been too bad considering this time of year so we have managed to venture outside quite often and enjoy getting active. At home it has been lovely settling down with a film and making some easy Halloween Bark to snack on while watching our PJ Masks DVD!

Making homemade chocolate Easter bark couldn’t be simpler! And you can easily adjust its ingredients and preparation according to any season (we made delicious chocolate Easter bark this time!).

Easy Halloween Bark Recipe, using 1 bar of white chocolate

Two bars of milk chocolate

How to make Halloween Bark Begin by lining a shallow tray with greaseproof paper. Cut up chocolate into small pieces, place into a microwaveable bowl, and microwave at 30-second increments until both chocolate pieces have completely melted together.

Pour the melted milk chocolate onto the lined tray. Gradually drizzle melted white chocolate over it using a skewer to drag through it.

My Halloween bark was completed with black and white skulls made out of sweets as an extra festive touch.

I used a large bar, cutting into smaller chunks for my children to snack on as I made their bark. Making your own bark is so simple yet enjoyable to create! Have you tried making your own bark?

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