Wentworth Puzzles’ Gingerbread Jumpers Jigsaw Puzzle

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At our family table, we all enjoy playing board games and completing puzzles together. Winter months offer us ample opportunity to relax indoors and engage with each other – especially when it comes to stimulating our minds or having family fun! Wentworth Puzzles was founded in 1991 and have since then produced exquisite wooden jigsaw puzzles from their factory located in Wiltshire’s countryside – producing thousands of laser cut wooden puzzles from sustainably-sourced wood! Recently they gave us some lovely laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzles from Wentworth Puzzles which was recently gifted as gifts from Wentworth Puzzles who created unique wooden jigsaw puzzles made with laser cut wooden puzzles from them that were created specifically to us for family fun! We were given some wonderful laser cut wooden laser cut wooden puzzles from them that produced laser cut wooden laser cut wooden laser puzzles!

Wentworth Puzzles offers an amazing jigsaw puzzle known as Gingerbread Jumpers that combines two festive traditions – ugly Christmas jumpers and gingerbread cookies – into edible Christmas jumpers! We had loads of fun solving this unique wooden puzzle.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed searching the puzzle for all the different styles of jumper, with extra special pieces known as “whimsies.” We found great enjoyment searching out each jumper style! She especially loved finding all those “whimsies”.

Our two-hour puzzle was an enjoyable Sunday afternoon activity. We have also added it to our 2021 Gingerbread Gift Guide as a beautiful souvenir!

Reindeer of Lapland
This puzzle would make an excellent winter activity for animal-lovers! Reindeers are one of the most beloved symbols of Christmas time; Santa relies heavily on them as his helpers pulling his sleigh! Nature-themed puzzles such as this are always popular; this would make an enjoyable challenge for the whole family this winter season!

Natalie Sternberg’s photographic jigsaw puzzle gives us an up close and personal view of a reindeer, showing snow on his muzzle and frost on its antlers.

Wentworth Puzzles introduced us to an ingenious advent calendar puzzle this year, featuring 24 character stand-up jigsaw pieces! Perfect for children aged 3-7 but enjoyed by puzzle fans of all ages! This year also marked Wentworth’s inaugural Jigsaw Advent Calendar offering. Introducing Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar Puzzle

The puzzle features 28 pieces, known as whimsies, themed to its theme and larger puzzle pieces ideal for smaller hands. There are some lovely jigsaw puzzles for children available that would make an excellent Christmas present so visit this post now to have your chance at winning it!

Wentworth Puzzles offer an environmentally-friendly Christmas present option. Their puzzles are created using wood harvested from sustainably managed forests, packaged using recycled materials, and do not involve plastic in any part of their production or packaging processes.

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