Transformative Gingerbread Biscuits

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Since Morph’s Epic Art Adventure London trail opened, we’ve really enjoyed visiting it multiple times, although unfortunately did not manage to visit all sculptures in time. Nonetheless, using their app kept track of everything nicely; our favourite sculptures could even be shared here and here! We watched Morph growing up, which inspired some baking projects at home!

Morph-shaped Gingerbread Biscuits
Since I couldn’t find a Morph shaped cookie cutter, my husband designed and printed one on our 3D printer for me. For this recipe I used Gingerbread Wonderland by Mima Sinclair which is my go-to book on gingerbread baking.

My 11 year old found this recipe easy to make with minimal assistance needed from me – she managed almost everything herself using our Morph cookie cutter which featured him standing with hands on hips – just like in the sculpture trail! Pushing out those extra bits of gingerbread was the only tricky bit – my daughter needed help pushing extra gingerbread out from under him to remove any extra chunks.

After following the instructions, we soon had a delectable batch of Morph shaped gingerbread cookies to enjoy!

My daughter went a little nutty with edible eyes and icing pens, creating all sorts of amazing designs using them. She even created a Barbie-inspired gingerbread biscuit despite not seeing the movie yet!

Since our last baking session together, Morph and I had so much fun creating and tasting our Morph-inspired gingerbread biscuits!

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