Tiny Gingerbread House Mug Hangers

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Not too long ago, I pinned an adorable miniature gingerbread house that perched delicately atop a cup. Though I loved its idea, it seemed too difficult to create at home!

Just before Christmas I was delighted to find a Make Your Own Gingerbread Cottage kit at Lakeland. Though usually expensive products were out of reach for me, this tempting offer could no longer be passed up – finally giving me an opportunity to create my own miniature gingerbread houses!

Mini gingerbread house mug hangers
This was an easy purchase; all I had to add was butter and golden syrup! Although there are cutters available to create your own house, or make your own template from card, Lakeland offered the Make Your Own Gingerbread Cottage kit that contained card templates ready for cutting out as well as edible glitter, white icing, sprinkles and dry gingerbread mix; all I had to add was butter!

I mixed and chilled the gingerbread dough for half an hour before refrigerating it.

After rolling it out and cutting out each part, I rolled and assembled each mini gingerbread house mug hanger. Each mini gingerbread house mug hanger included two roof, gable and side pieces.

Even after chilling the dough for biscuits, their dough spread during baking and had to be cut quickly after coming out of the oven using a sharp knife.

After that, came the fun part – icing miniature gingerbread houses! Although this was slightly tricky, each house came together beautifully before being covered with more white icing and edible glitter for decoration. I found it helpful to build each house on top of an edge of a cup to ensure stability after drying of its icing had set.

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