Simple Gingerbread Wreath Recipe

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Every year I enjoy trying a wide range of gingerbread products – house kits, dough, biscuit mix and last year even gingerbread Mulled Wine were among my finds! For years now I’ve compiled all my finds into an easy to follow Gingerbread Gift Guide which my readers seem interested in too!

As soon as I found Tesco’s Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Wreath Kit, I knew I wanted one! At first, I thought this would be a comprehensive baking kit but instead contained already baked gingerbread biscuits with pre-stamped designs for decoration – all ready to form into wreaths!

My children and I couldn’t wait to give the kit a try; it proved an enjoyable weekend activity. Inside the box were 20 delectable gingerbread stars, three tubes of white icing with three nozzles each, and various decorative sprinkles.

My daughter found the instructions easy to follow, as she laid out a circle of biscuits before using icing as glue for another layer of gingerbread stars on top.

At that point, she could use any leftover icing and decorations to embellish the wreath.

She enjoyed having free reign over the tube of icing, testing out different nozzles to determine which worked best. I’m certain she ate as much icing as she put onto the wreath!

Tesco’s Decorate Your Own Gingerbread Wreath Kit cost PS4.50 at Tesco and provided everything needed for us to craft an edible wreath that we enjoyed devouring!

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