Simple Gingerbread Man Bookmark Craft for Children

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I love the excitement and anticipation surrounding Christmas! Our house is filled with gingerbread houses to build and decorate, new crafts to try, and of course our ever-eager tree needs decorating! I’m always on the look out for fun activities for my children to do after school when we all need some craft time together – such as this adorable Gingerbread Man bookmark for kids.

Supplies needed: Stained card – we used brown, pink, white, red, green and blue colours – pencil ruler scissors scissors scissor glue craft sticks (optional). A PDF template of our gingerbread man design.

Make an easy Gingerbread Man bookmark for kids:
Gather supplies and print the free PDF template of this gingerbread bookmark craft, before cutting out and transferring template pieces onto colored card. Brown will serve as the gingerbread man itself while red and white stripes make up its hat, green is for its scarf, blue represents buttons, pink represents mouth area while white indicates its icing and eyes.

Now glue the white zigzag paper pieces on to the gingerbread man.

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