Sainsbury’s DIY Gingerbread House Kit

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Last week I introduced my 10-year-old to Sainsbury’s Make Your Own Gingerbread House kit and was eager to see what we could create together. His previous M&S gingerbread house experience had produced delicious results so we were eager to give this another go.

Sainsbury’s Make Your Own Gingerbread House kit
The Sainsbury’s Make Your Own Gingerbread House kit included all of the dry ingredients necessary for creating our gingerbread house, so we just needed butter and golden syrup as additional supplies.

First step was creating the gingerbread dough, which I did while my daughter was at school. Since she never liked this part, it was easier for me to do it alone.

Templates were printed directly on the inside of my box, so I cut them out and used them to cut my shapes – two walls, two roof pieces, a door, etc. Although they look wonky at first, once baked they can easily be adjusted. Plus there was plenty of extra dough left for additional trees and stars!

Once baked, I carefully removed them from the oven using card templates to cover each piece and trim them as soon as they were cool enough. My gingerbread was beautiful to look at – not to mention smell amazing!

My gingerbread had to cool until my daughter returned from school. At that point, the fun could begin! Our kit included icing sugar for mixing up, then we placed it into our piping bags to begin building!

Gingerbread houses come in all shapes and sizes, and this fun A frame design was an easy project to assemble. Our icing was too liquidy so my daughter needed help covering her house with it; there was a guide in the box but she added her own personal touches by including silver balls as well as some extra gingerbread biscuits I made.

She wanted to devour it immediately, but we persuaded her to wait so the icing could harden properly before doing so. Gingerbread is always delicious; this one especially so and didn’t last long!

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