Recipe for Gingerbread in a Slow Cooker

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At this time of year, our slow cooker gets plenty of use – it’s great as a working mum as I can put everything in early in the morning, then come back from work with dinner ready! While most often used for family meals, I wanted to share an easy gingerbread recipe today that will please both adults and children!

Gingerbread is an irresistibly tasty treat any time of year, but especially during colder weather months. Quick to prepare and delicious served with either whipped cream or ice cream as toppings!

Ingredients needed for slow cooker gingerbread:

1 cup brown sugar, 3/4 cup of molasses and two sticks of butter will yield 3 cups flour with one tablespoon of cinnamon added for every egg beaten and one quarter cup milk that contains two teaspoons of baking soda. A total of two and one quarter cup water must also be included to allow proper dissolution of ingredients and measurements.
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Heat the brown sugar, butter and molasses until all three components have melted together in a microwaveable bowl before stirring to complete the process.

Add two eggs and whisk until fully mixed in.

Pour in the flour and spices and mix well.

Microwave the milk for approximately one minute in a large measuring cup.

Whisk baking soda into warm milk, and pour this solution into the molasses mixture to mix thoroughly.

Apply baking spray or line the slow cooker with a slow cooker liner to get optimal results.

Pour into the slow cooker.

Heat the butter, brown sugar and water until the butter has completely melted before stirring until all the brown sugar has dissipated.

Cook on high for two hours to enable the pudding cake to rise as its liquid bakes into it and becomes part of its structure.

Once cooked for two hours, remove the pot from its position within the slow cooker and set aside to cool and set.

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