M&S Holiday Gingerbread House Kit

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Last weekend my 11-year-old decided to build one of the gingerbread house kits I bought for my gingerbread gift guide. With so many kits from various supermarkets available to choose from, he ultimately settled on building the M&S food Christmas gingerbread house kit – no secret why!

M&S Christmas Gingerbread House Kit
Available exclusively at M&S stores, the M&S gingerbread house kit allows you to create your own gingerbread house from start to finish. Complete with gingerbread biscuits cut to size, white icing for snowy frosting effects and colourful jelly tots as Christmas lights, it allows anyone the chance to be creative when building their masterpiece!

Ready-made gingerbread pieces made it so simple to build his house. He even found an easy-to-use tray to keep all his pieces together once iced – simply follow the instructions, icing along each edge, holding onto his pieces until releasing, until all four walls and two roof pieces had been assembled into an unobstructed house shape.

My son used an icing pen equipped with multiple sizes of nozzles to build his house with white icing, then decorated it using smaller ones to decorate it with jelly tops on its roof and white icing around its windows and doorways.

Activity kept him occupied for an hour or so and he was delighted by his completed gingerbread house kit. We kept it for several days before deciding to break it apart and enjoy its contents!

The gingerbread house smelled incredible and tasted fantastic – we kept it for days but it’s all gone now! M&S Christmas gingerbread house kit costs PS5.50 and can only be found in store.

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