Motivating Our Tech-Savvy Generation with Plusnet’s ‘Once Upon a Time Online

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Anyone discovering my blog would soon come to appreciate how much I enjoy reading. As an avid bookworm myself, it makes my heart sing that two of my own little bookworms enjoy reading books! Bedtime reading sessions with us all is one of our favourite parts of each day as we can all sit around together sharing the latest books!

My children, now 7 and 9, sometimes require late night clubs that end in chat instead of reading aloud at bedtime, leaving no time for story time at home. We may not be alone: research indicates an increase in infrequent readers between 6-17-year-olds; even though most parents view reading aloud to their child(ren) as special time of bonding; unfortunately, that amount has declined over time with over 85% admitting they don’t do this regularly anymore.

Plusnet and Larry Lamb Join Force to Revamp Classic Fairy Tales Recently we were approached by Plusnet about their partnership with Larry Lamb to reimagine three classic fairy tales for today’s digital generation – particularly targeting children under 10. Their new series called Once Upon A Time Online was designed specifically for kids aged under 10, to show the power of technology while inspiring families’ shared desire for story time together.

My children adore technology but typically use it to watch their favorite YouTuber for half an hour after completing homework. While I don’t appreciate too much screen time for my children, Plusnet kindly sent us supplies so we could watch all three stories available on Plusnet’s site together.

We were thoroughly entertained by this modern retelling of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk! While my children knew the classic versions already, they will remember this fun twist on these classic tales! Each still contains strong moral lessons; however, these versions were cleverly tailored for our children with language and devices they are familiar with as well as humorous moments such as Jack wanting to create viral videos – a particularly hilarious thread! These make great bedtime stories; though you could share them at any time during the day or evening!

Plusnet asked us to reimagine one of our favourite fairytales with a modern flair, and The Gingerbread Man was clearly our choice. Big Brother couldn’t wait to add his own comic twist and change up its ending in his own cartoon style!

In our modern take, the Gingerbread Man uses his Amazon Fire to purchase a rocket blaster which allows him to escape his Cook, swinging across the river with ease.

He purchases a gingerbread house kit and builds himself a home away from people looking to devour him.

Big Brother loves creating stories and is delighted by the challenge of recreating his favorite tales. If your children love fairy tales or would benefit from developing their storytelling abilities, Once Upon a Time Online may be just what’s needed! Our little digital natives will find this fun as it shares technology while sharpening oracy skills simultaneously!

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