Line Study for Kids: Gingerbread Boy and Girl

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Since we last updated our site with free printables, I couldn’t resist these beautiful Gingerbread Boy and Girl Line Study activities for kids. Being avid fans of gingerbread stories, we love activities surrounding its tale. Therefore we are thrilled to add this fun craft activity which will develop children’s fine motor skills while having lots of fun doing so!

Gingerbread boy and girl line activity for children requires: || Construction paper (or card), Black Markers, Scissors and Glue as well as crayons, markers or colored pencils

Gingerbread Boy and Girl Line Activity for Children Instructions:Want your kids to enjoy this fun activity? Simply download and print off these free Gingerbread boy and Gingerbread girl templates!

Start with selecting a section, and begin to draw lines across its separate lined areas. Pay special attention to keeping all lines within their boundaries for optimal concentration development and fine motor skill development.

Alter the direction of your pattern to make things even more intriguing! Continue this practice until you have filled up an entire sheet.

Color each block. We selected traditional brown as the body colour while adding colourful details and details for our background and details.

Once completed, simply cut away any unnecessary borders from your template and glue onto black paper or card for maximum impact.

Reducing print size could make these Christmas cards extra unique and special, or cut along the lines to create your own puzzle!

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