Halloween Gingerbread House Decoration

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As it had been some time since our last Halloween gingerbread house-making effort, with stores full of tempting gingerbread house kits available now I decided to make one this year! With our house being decorated in pumpkins and squashes due to limiting our decoration expenditure I thought decorating a gingerbread house would provide both fun activity for kids and a STEM challenge that keeps them busy for a fun Halloween activity!

Halloween Gingerbread House Supplies include the M&S Gingerbread House Kit with Green Popcorn, Mini Gingerbread Biscuits with Edible Eyes and Edible Glue as well as Chocolate Drops as Halloween Decorations.

Decorating a Gingerbread House for Halloween While you could craft your own gingerbread house from scratch, I found the M&S Gingerbread House Kit (PS5) very reasonably priced and found it ideal as its pieces came preassembled along with white icing, decorations for decoration purposes, and a tray to hold everything securely together.

Gingerbread smelled amazing, tempting us to break off pieces to snack on! Instead, we heated some icing in our hands and set about building the gingerbread house on its plastic tray – my 8 year old loved squeezing out layers of icing onto her gingerbread pieces and pressing them together!

Building our Halloween gingerbread house involved building walls and attaching the roof first, before holding it together for several minutes to ensure all the icing had set firm enough before starting decorating!

Alongside the sweets and sprinkles included in our kit, we added our own decorations. My daughter found great pleasure in decorating her house using icing to cover windows, doors, and roof.

There was a frightening assortment of Halloween treats displayed throughout the house and yard. Pumpkins flanked either side of the front door and creepy edible eyes were placed unexpectedly!

Making our Halloween gingerbread house was fun and kept us busy for an hour or so, before being devoured as decoration before starting on our more traditional Christmas house. Here’s our finished masterpiece for Halloween decoration purposes, making great Halloween decor but must eventually make way for our more traditional Christmas one.

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