Guide to Making Kite-Shaped Sugar Cookies

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Tomorrow marks the long-awaited release of Mary Poppins Returns. When Jane and Michael, now parents themselves, return from London during the Great Depression, Mary returns as a magical figure from London to help reawaken their childhood joys. I can’t wait – already planning this as my post-Christmas treat – when thinking about Mary Poppins I always think of Let’s Go Fly a Kite from the original film which inspired these fun Kite Sugar Cookies!

Kite Sugar Cookies Ingredients:

Make enough cookies with your preferred recipe to yield around one dozen.

Make 12 decorated cookies from this fondant mix by layering 3-4 oz of purple fondant, 3-4 oz of yellow fondant, and 2 oz of black fondant

Kite Sugar Cookies Tutorial Wrought out and cut 12 diamond-shaped cookies using cookie dough, then bake as per recipe directions.

Allow the cookies to cool completely before decorating them with purple and yellow fondant rolled to approximately 1/4-inch thickness.

With the same diamond-shaped cookie cutter you used for diamond-shaped cookies, cut 6 of each fondant color from each fondant color.

Cut each fondant piece in quarters and press each onto an alternating-colored cookie.

Roll 12 small spheres from black fondant, each one approximately 1/4 of an inch in size, then flatten them out so each measures 3 inches long.

Press your black fondant “string” onto each cookie for added effect.

To create bows for cookies, roll out small spheres from each color – you will need 18 of each sphere per color – then shape 24 into triangles; attach two triangles onto each cookie.

Once your two triangles are assembled, press a sphere into their centers – this will become your bow!

Did you know that National Kite Flying Day is celebrated every February 8th? These Mary Poppins-inspired Kite Sugar Cookies would make an excellent way to commemorate this holiday with family or friends!

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