Gingerbread House Cross-Stitch Project

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Cross stitch embroidery isn’t my cup of tea; however, when Cotton Clara released their gingerbread house cross stitch kit I purchased one to use as a handmade decoration and show my passion for gingerbread houses! Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery using an x stitch on fabric with an even and open weave like Aida fabric. Some people may consider cross stitch the easiest form of embroidery but I find it challenging! While others may consider it simple enough, for me it takes quite some practice finding where my needle should go – thanks goodness I unpicking stitches when things go wrong! When Cotton Clara released their gingerbread house cross stitch kit I purchased one as I know this would make for great homemade decor!

Cross Stitch Gingerbread House
The cross stitch gingerbread house kit included threads, fabric, a small wooden hoop, ribbon, needle and instructions.

This little kit was ideal to pack into my carry-on luggage when we visited the Netherlands. All it required was adding scissors and placing everything inside one of my favorite Emma Bridgewater tins.

I took out my sewing project during those rare, quiet moments parents have on family holidays. It was great having something relaxing to work on after an active day!

After just a few hours of work, this project came together beautifully. I thoroughly enjoyed adding small details like candy canes and trees.

Once complete, I cut my fabric and stitched a few running stitches along its perimeter before stitching tight stitch lines along each edge and stitching a small length of ribbon for hanging purposes.

At Christmas time I like to create something handmade – this handmade decoration fits the bill for this year!

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