Gingerbread Biscuits for Red Nose Day

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Why haven’t I made Red Nose Day gingerbread biscuits yet? While we love making all different kinds of gingerbread creations, somehow we never thought to create Red Nose Day themed ones before now! This would make an easy fundraiser or treat at school events.

Red Nose Day gingerbread biscuits You can use your preferred gingerbread recipe to craft these treats for Red Nose Day. I actually used an unopened gingerbread house kit which had been sitting around from Christmas. Once made, the dough was then sprinkled with red M&Ms.

I rolled out the dough and cut as many gingerbread people as possible.

I baked the gingerbread people according to the instructions on their packet, then allowed them to cool on a wire rack.

I went for a simple approach when it came to decoration – adding just a dab of icing and red M&M as my nose decoration. While more detailed designs might have been possible with more icing covering faces or buttons, ultimately it’s up to you how your ornament turns out!

Before serving the cookies to my children on Red Nose Day, I allowed the icing to harden slightly before gobbling them up as a treat! These make a deliciously festive way of commemorating Red Nose Day.

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