Gift Guide for Holiday Gingerbread Treats

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I can hardly believe it’s December again already! Here I am again with another Christmas Gingerbread Gift Guide for you all to enjoy. Although I love gingerbread all year round, nothing beats its scent come December!

Gingerbread is an expansive category of baked goods typically flavored with ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. I can never resist a gingerbread biscuit but these days you can find everything infused with this fragrant spice combination!

I have created gingerbread themed gifts this year, including gingerbread house kits and gingerbread biscuits. Of course I will also build these kits over the coming weeks and link back here so you can see how they turned out!

Gingerbread-themed gifts were hard to pass up this Christmas. One such novelty gingerbread item I admired was this Gingerbread Man hand wash dispenser which can easily be refilled and used again and again.

George Home Gingerbread Cookies Candle features a 40 hour burn time.

This adorable Gingerbread bath fizzer would make the perfect stocking stuffer!

At first sight, this cute gingerbread man planter caught my attention at the Co-op. Currently filled with an attractive red Kalanchoe plant – an extremely popular indoor houseplant!

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles presents Aimee Stewart’s 250 piece Gingerbread Manor puzzle as an irresistibly sweet delight! A charming fairy-tale cottage made up of candy canes, cakes, cookies and gingerbread characters awaits discovery in its formative stages; not to mention its delightful selection of hand-designed pieces made just for this purpose! Check it out now – and maybe win one before 11/12/2022 (ends 11/12/2022).

Gingerbread House Kits
Sainsbury’s Make Your Own Gingerbread House Kit was the first I saw this year. At an excellent value, this great value kit requires unsalted butter, golden syrup and water as ingredients; making this an enjoyable activity that should keep the kids busy for several hours!

Gingerbread Craft Kits
When it comes to gingerbread craft kits, I can’t resist their cute felt gingerbread house or sewing kit designs! There are so many beautiful gingerbread themed crafts and kits out there now; one I particularly admire is MakeBox’s Sweet Treat Felt Wreath kit which features embroidered and stuffed wool felt ornaments inspired by traditional gingerbread designs – plus they offer seven air-dry clay house decorations, Festive Gingerbread Man embroidery hoops (Festive), pink Gingerbread House embroidery hoops (House), and adorable Wooden Gingerbread Garlands!

Cotton Clara makes contemporary cross stitch kits I truly enjoyed stitching this kit from them.

Pixels & Purls Gingerbread House Embroidery Kit features six distinct stitches printed directly on fabric (something I especially appreciate!). Available on red or green fabric for maximum co-ordination with holiday decor!

Gingerbread biscuits Its These mini gingerbread men make for the ideal holiday treat and would go great with hot chocolate! I may sneak a couple into my children’s lunch boxes in December too!

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