Fantastic Gingerbread Star Biscuits with a Biscuit Kit

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Recently I featured the Marvellous Gingerbread Stars Biscuit Kit from Asda in my gingerbread gift guide and have finally had time this week to make them.

Marvellous Gingerbread Stars Biscuit Kit I found packet mixes an invaluable time-saver. All it took to create gingerbread dough was adding butter, Golden Syrup and water. Once I’d rolled out my dough I used the star-shaped cookie cutter provided with this kit to cut out stars!

I used a smaller cutter to add extra biscuits. The kit created 15 stars.

I baked them until they reached a beautiful golden hue and set them out on a wire rack to cool.

Once they were assembled, it was time to ice them! I used an extra piping bag and the picture on the box as my guide for icing them quickly enough for when my kids returned from school. Finally, edible glitter added just in time!

Asda’s Marvellous Gingerbread Stars were an instantaneous success! Perfect for festive treats and events alike. Let me know if you try one yourself!

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