Easter Eggs with a Gingerbread Twist

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Last Christmas we all enjoyed decorating ready-made gingerbread house kits from The Best Bit, so when I saw that they had Easter kits available I immediately picked one up. With Easter falling early this year and also coinciding with our spring holidays we got caught up with baking so much that these got forgotten but finally managed to squeeze one in just before going back to school.

My kit included six gingerbread eggs to decorate and fill for Easter treats that would provide both children with an engaging activity as well as delicious Easter treats!

This kit included six gingerbread eggs for decorating and filling (in 12 halves), royal icing mix, two piping bags, Cadbury mini eggs, as well as Easter-themed decorations and sprinkles.

We covered our table in greaseproof paper and began mixing royal icing (both thick and thin versions) and decorating gingerbread eggs. Each child took four halves of an egg to decorate themselves – they found this activity thoroughly engaging!

These cookies featured unique designs using icing and various sprinkles.

Before filling them with small eggs and adhering the two halves with thicker icing, we left the icing to set for 30 minutes to dry thoroughly before “glueing” the two halves together with the thicker layer.

They’ve made a beautiful display, only slightly late for Easter. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy them this week!

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