Creating Baked Delights Using the Lidl Gingerbread Dough Kit

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Lidl always seems to have some unique products I can’t find elsewhere. On one visit I picked up a gingerbread dough kit. While I enjoy baking, if there’s an easier option available then ready-made dough would do just fine – plus the smell of freshly baked gingerbread makes the kids’ day.

Baking with Lidl Gingerbread Dough Kit
This Lidl gingerbread dough kit contained a block of ready made gingerbread dough, cookie cutter, icing and colourful sprinkles to help create and decorate 14 gingerbread people.

My go-to gingerbread recipe requires rolling out dough from a packet, so when time came for me to use it I took out 10 minutes early, grabbed some flour, rolling pin and cutter and had my very own cookie making hack! It was super fast and effortless – the ideal baking hack!

I was very happy with how easily and quickly the dough could be rolled out and cut with my Lego brick cutter; both my children love Lego! There was plenty of dough leftover, which allowed me to roll any offcuts into balls before rolling it out again several times.

I filled two baking trays with gingerbread biscuits and baked them for 8 minutes, until their golden-brown hue had set in. As soon as my kids returned from school I left them to cool before gifting them to friends or eating myself! These treats lasted several days – definitely buy the dough if it ever comes my way again!

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