Creating a Christmas Gingerbread House with a Kit

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My Gingerbread Gift Guide included over 40 gingerbread house kits from Waitrose that I have nearly completed assembling and testing out for this post. While putting it all together was great fun, testing out all these different kits was equally exciting – particularly their Gingerbread Box Kit and Shortbread Decorating Kit which have made great additions to our Christmas tree and most recently their Gingerbread House Kit available at just PS4.44 was worth every penny spent at Waitrose!

At Christmas time we enjoy baking a gingerbread house. Over the years we’ve tried various kits, making houses and even a campervan. One such traditional kit was Waitrose Gingerbread House kit, featuring a gingerbread mix sachet along with white royal icing sachet, red writing icing pen, and boiled sweets; all that was required for completion was unsalted butter, water and honey (or syrup for extra sweetness).

Gingerbread is always a treat in our house, but during Winter it truly becomes something special. I enjoy filling our home with the smell of freshly baked gingerbread regardless of if it comes from scratch or shop-bought dough – these kits provide ample opportunity for creative fun during a seasonal activity!

This Waitrose kit was similar to others we’d tested: most ingredients were included and an instruction template printed inside. After making and cooling our dough, we rolled and cut out its shapes before having some left over which we cut into extra shapes!

Structure was kept to an absolute minimum. After considering various materials such as boiled sweets for windows, we ultimately decided against their use because nobody enjoys eating them!

Gingerbread needed to be slightly trimmed down for easier cutting, but was otherwise beautiful in color. After it had cooled enough we mixed up some icing and began building our house; no pictures of our process are available but here is one showing our finished masterpiece complete with decorations from home.

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