Complimentary Christmas Gingerbread House Coloring Page

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My own children adore sharing my resources and activities. With winter setting in, our time at home increases considerably and I love providing new activities to keep them occupied. They both love sitting down to color after school hours – my Christmas gingerbread house coloring page being one of their favorites!

Coloring pages can be an effective way to keep children occupied during bad weather conditions, and my free Christmas gingerbread house colouring page will surely bring hours of coloring fun for any child who enjoys doing just that. I created my free printable gingerbread house coloring page as it will surely delight any young artist who enjoys putting pencil to paper!

Use this Christmas gingerbread house coloring page with ease!

Step One
To print my free printable, just right-click here and right click “Free Printable Link”. Step Two
To print it out. To do this simply right-click “Printable Version of This Document Here” before printing.

Step Two
Provide your child with their favorite coloring pencils or glitter pens, as well as a place they can sit and colour. We believe mindfulness should be practiced often, and this activity provides an ideal way of doing just that! Creating their very own gingerbread house and its inhabitants should keep them busy!

Once your child has finished his or her gingerbread house coloring page, why not frame and display it as part of your holiday decorations?

We hope that you will enjoy using our free colouring page, but please remember that it should only be used for personal use and should not be redistributed; all images are copyrighted.

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