2020 Gingerbread Gift Ideas

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Gingerbread Gift Guide 2020
Since I can remember, gingerbread has always been one of my favourite treats. Every year I enjoy searching out unique gingerbread items to try – such as house kits, biscuits and even gingerbread-based wines – to bring to my readers’ attention. My Gingerbread Gift Guide 2020 features ornaments, books, necklaces and kits so readers can see them too.

Gingerbread ornaments from Best Years*. A gorgeous cotton crochet gingerbread man Xmas decoration by Pebble toys. If you want something different this Christmas, why not explore our range of fair trade unusual xmas decorations – your tree will surely stand out from the competition!

Gingerbread Cookies Reed Diffuser From George Home. Presented in cream with an elegant silver-tone lid for optimal placement on coffee tables or mantelpieces. Gingerbread Cookies Reed Diffuser Available From Asda At only PS5, This diffuser adds sweet scents into any room you place it!

Limited Edition Christmas Carfume Get into the festive spirit with Carfume’s limited edition Christmas scents created just for this season – Gingerbread, Christmas Tree and Christmas Spice scents available exclusively online at carfume.co.uk at just PS11.99 each! These luxury car fragrances come in hand painted recyclable bottles with cork lids designed by hand-painters in hand-painted recyclable bottles; lasting four weeks per fragrance refill can be found online as well.

Limited Edition Christmas Carfume for just PS11.99 can be purchased at Carfume.

Gingerbread Cookies Scented Tealight Advent Calendar I was charmed when I spotted this gingerbread-shaped tealight calendar at Asda. While another advent countdown may not be necessary, lighting candles is one of my favorite traditions at this time of year!

Gingerbread Cookies Scented Tealight Advent Calendar from Asda for PS4.

Modern Gingerbread by Sandra Monger offers 15 innovative baking projects for exploring gingerbread from a fresh angle.

Decorating gingerbread houses has long been associated with Christmas, and this tradition remains popular today. Recently however, this design and creation of intricate gingerbread structures has expanded far beyond cottages; users on Pinterest now search for inspiration on how to build skyscrapers, cities and greenhouses made of sugar-glazed gingerbread!

Modern Gingerbread seeks to tap into and lead the trend for contemporary gingerbread baking and decorating. Renowned cake-maker Sandra Monger provides excellent ideas for projects involving gingerbread baking and decorating ranging from decorative tiles and wreaths, Norwegian kransekake (crafted with intricate rings of gingerbread), to Sandra’s spectacular wedding cake decorated in gingerbread as the piece de resistance in Modern Gingerbread.

SearchPress Publishing Company offers this book featuring gingerbread projects with templates and recipes for traditional, colored and vegan gingerbreads – priced at PS12.99 each.

Kits available to build gingerbread houses
M&S gingerbread house kit – now available exclusively in stores – allows you to build your very own gingerbread house! Complete with gingerbread biscuits cut to size, white icing for snowy frosting effects and colourful jelly tots as Christmas lights, this PS5 kit lets you do just that.

Waitrose Gingerbread House Kit
Build and decorate your own amazing gingerbread house with this festive kit from Waitrose! Just add unsalted butter, water, honey or syrup for extra sweetness, as well as gingerbread mix sachet containing White Royal Icing (WIIC), Red Writing Icing Pen (RWIIP), and some delicious sweets for added charm – PS4.40 each from Waitrose!
Flying Tiger Little Gingerbread House kit My family bought these last year and when I saw them again this year I grabbed another pack. Each Flying Tiger Little Gingerbread House kit contains three DIY houses that can be assembled and decorated – perfect for an afternoon crafting session that also serves up delicious treats!

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